About Us | Almost Heaven Bakery OBX

Almost heaven Bakery OBX is locally owned and located in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The owners of the bakery are Melinda and Chloe Givens, a mother and daughter duo. The bakery was started officially in 2015, but Melinda has been baking cakes since about 2008. Melinda is self-taught and it all started when a local bakery wasn't able to do her daughters birthday cake, so Melinda decided to give it a try herself and it actually turned out pretty great. After this Melinda decided to continue doing cakes and other desserts for her family. She then began to branch off doing birthday cakes for friends, and even her first wedding cake for a friend at church. Melinda found her true passion and love not only for baking and decorating, but making someone's wedding day even more special. After this Melinda continued trying and learning new techniques. Melinda and her family eventually moved to North Carolina in 2013, and she decided to continue baking. She began to teach her daughter Chloe the ropes and she became her baking assistant, and continues to help her mom Melinda with the bakery. After living on the outer banks for three years they decided it was time to officially open up their first store front in 2016. They had it open for a little over a year and did pretty great, and won best bakery of the beach for 2016 and 2017. Although due to location they decided to close down the store front and continue the bakery from their home. For the year of 2018 they catered over 60 wedding as well as countless birthdays and events.  Melinda and Chloe specialize in the creation of custom wedding cakes, grooms cakes, birthday cakes, all occasion cakes, pies, cupcakes, pastries and more. 

"We love being able to bake for so many and spread joy through our baking. We have met so many amazing people through the bakery, especially from doing weddings. We still talk to several of the brides and grooms and have made many new friendships. For us the best thing about owning the bakery is when your cake or desserts become a tradition; each year when they are on vacation they return for their favorite cake." - Melinda and Chloe